Technique Pest is a pest control company which commits you to provide the best potential pest control management programs. We are pest control experts carrying on our business with positive results and success.

Technique Pest aims at granting safe lives of its customers and adopt best pest control programs to get rid of termites in hotels, homes, restaurants, offices, hospitals and factories. We offer our services on a large scale so as to accommodate all those who need help in controlling pests thereby helping large numbers of people. With third generation insecticides and using advanced technology, we grant our services with utter commitment without leaving any signs of pests once the service being granted.


Cockroach Control

We, at TECHNIQUE PEST, understand the trauma that you experience as a result of cockroach infestation. We are at your service anytime to ward off your difficulty and threat caused by the cockroaches. Our solutions are customized and our services are on time for cockroach control. We also offer services to control cockroach under specific circumstances. Our experts are specialized to deal with all sorts of households, including flats, villas, hotels, farms, and other built infrastructure with roach control remedies. Our experts know the right solution for the right kind of troubles that you face due to cockroaches.

Our treatments are flexible with both gel and spray treatments and we choose the treatment after a careful examination and consultation of the infestation that you are experiencing. Our treatment for the cockroach can be performed anytime during the day and we use green chemical sprays to avoid side effects as per your needs. We mix our treatment with both gel and sprays to effectively clean and control your ecosystem free from cockroaches so we guarantee you a peaceful sleep.

Fly Control

We offer skilled and specialized services to control all kinds of flies that pose a threat to your health and lifestyle. Call our experts to handle the situation in a careful and healthy way for you. We offer services for newly developed and built projects to control mosquito nuisance. Live a comfortable, healthy and happy life free from houseflies and mosquitoes with our fly pest control services at your doorsteps.

Enjoy the evening breeze and an aroma of fresh air and surround your moods with the healthy spirit by freeing yourself and your environment from these bothering flies with the aid of our pest control expertise. Call us today and control your ambience.

Termite Control

Termites are constant danger to properties as they damage wooden structures inside out hidden from detection until destruction has been done. They scavenge on the wooden surfaces in the house such as furniture, boxes, cupboards, flooring etc. Dealing with termites is more difficult and sometimes killing them won’t suffice.

We understand the challenges in termite infestation detection and we offer services much early in the stage of construction with our proven termite detection and control methods. We use highly professional and proven methods for treating the areas infested with termites, and our experts analyze the type of infestation before beginning the treatment. This ensures you to be sure that we are dealing with the right kind of solution to keep the termites away. Our solutions work from inside to outside and in the foundation to eliminate the termites completely.

Rodent Control

We are trained to handle the burrowing problem in your house caused by rats and mice. Technique Pest crew is just a phone call away to play the piper for you. Our experts are alert all the time, and provide on-site services to kill and control the rodents by assessing and examining the situation. Our team of experts provide the most suiting solutions from our arsenal by analyzing the source, routes of entry, environment, habitat and the feasibility thus producing the ultimate rodent control solution.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are blood sucking parasites that on contrary to its name and general public’s belief are not only found in bed but in areas where humans sit and rest for long time including but not limited to public transportation’s, cinema theaters, staff accommodation’s, hotels etc.

Unlike cockroaches, clean places do not deter bed bugs! Since they feed on blood, good housekeeping has very little or negligible effect on them. This combined with bed bugs clandestine habits and intricate life cycle makes them a pest difficult to control.

This is where Technique Pest crews expert knowledge, experience and technology supersedes all the challenges presented by bed bugs to escape detection and elimination. Our result-oriented methods ensures bed bugs are controlled safely and effectively.


  • Capture and removal of Cats and Dogs.
  • Capture and removal of Pythons, Vipers, Cobras.
  • Capture and removal of Pigeons, Crows, Mynahs, Bats
  • Elimination and removal of Bees, Hornets, Wasps and their hives.
  • Elimination of Bed-Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Dust Mites, Powder Post Beetles, Silverfishes.
  • Rental or Purchase of Insect Light Traps –Genus (Brandenburg).


Subterranean Termite:

  • Pre-Construction Soil Treatment
  • Post-Construction Corrective Treatment
  • Non-Arsenic Termite Baiting System
  • Roof Timber Treatment & Application
  • Foaming Treatment
  • Heat Treatment
  • Localize Spot Treatment


  • Oilbase Thermal Fogging
  • Waterbase Thermal Fogging
  • Waterbase Misting

Flush out Treatment:

  • Patriot Injector System


  • Intensive Rodent Control Program

Heat Treatment:

  • Bedbug, Drywood, Dampwood,Woodborer & Powder post Beetle